Friday, October 06, 2006

We're all winners

My three year old niece woke up yesterday morning and declared, "I want Aunt Trish!" (Did I mention that she's a VERY smart little girl???)
"Aunt Trish won't be here for two more days," my sister explained patiently. "Today is Thursday; Aunt Trish won't be here until Saturday."
"Then today IS Saturday!" my niece delared, and then looked at my sister as if to say, "You heard me - make it so!"

Oh to be three again. Honestly, if it didn't mean repeating 13-34, it might be worth it, just to be so certain that the world existed just to make me happy :)

Steve and I will be trekking up to Maine tomorrow to put in some quality time with the niece and her older brother (who, in his own fit of three year old cuteness, once told me I was ALMOST as beautiful as Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek. Almost.)

We have big plans for our night of babysitting. While Sis and her hubby are out enjoying an evening of fine dining, we'll be teaching niece and nephew some colorful language to use on special occasions. Nothing obscene, of course, just enough to spark a little fun. What chance do their parents have of disciplining them if the niece learns to say, "No Mummy, I'm being obstinate" while the nephew declares, "and I'm being obstreperous"??? This weekend's fun will be brought to you by the letter O!

In other fun news, WE HAVE WINNERS for this round of Buy A Friend A Book Week! Thank you all for your suggestions to enhance my TV watching (which will come in quite handy when I'm no longer allowed to babysit the younger generation of my family). There were many fine entries, but our winners this time - each of whom will receive a new copy of Nancy French's hysterical book, Red State of Mind: How A Catfish Queen Reject Became A Liberty Belle - are:

Sarakastic, who wow'd me with fabulous quotes. She took a rather ingenious approach, starting with some lines from the season premiere of a show she knows I love (The Gilmore Girls) and then followed it up with a quote from the show she recommends (The Office). Very smart. She should work for our government; I think we need her in high places where strategic decisions are made.

AND (in a late-breaking entry)

Kim Stagliano, who took the risky move of not even recommending a show. Instead she reminded me that indeed we do have pagents here in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The picture she painted of a girl named Fern, singing "It's Not Easy Being Green" for her talent segment in the Miss Attleboro pagent while dressed like a frog, made me laugh so hard I forgot I owned a TV. Nice work, Kim. Enjoy the book :)

Send me your address via the link you find here, Sarakastic and Kim, and you'll see an Amazon box on your porch soon!


Sarakastic said...

Thanks so much! Now I can't say I've never won anything. Plus I have one more vote in favor of me controlling the world. Total votes so far, 2. Unless flipping people off comes into play in the election, than I would lose cause I'm just not that classy. Your niece has very good taste!

Brony said...

Have a great time. I love spending time with my neice and nephew.

LEstes65 said...

"Oh to be three again...just to be so certain that the world existed just to make me happy"

...Wait...are you trying to tell me that the world DOESN'T exist just to make me happy???...

Swishy said...

Fun! Have a great time :)

Karitown said...

Have fun. Family's great.

Stacy said...

Have fun expanding your niece and nephew's vocabulary. My co-worker's four-year-old daughter has been known to say, "Oh, the humanity!" (and my co-worker can't figure out where her daughter picked up that phrase).

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Lucky you! I've been wanting to visit Maine for some time. Too bad this lesson was brought to us by the letter O...I was thinking 'Inconceivable!' would be hilarious.