Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scenes from a fun weekend

We're back from Maine, and all is well in the Pine Tree State. I'll be updating my resume soon, adding "successfully convinced six-year old to eat mac & cheese covered with ranch salad dressing" and "Engineered multi-level reorganization of recreational activities including Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light, and Hide & Seek" to my ACCOMPLISHMENTS section. These would have been valuable skill sets back when I was a lawyer.

On the way home from Maine we went to the new Massachusetts location of L.L. Bean. The new store lacks a trout pond, but other than that seems rather nice. I don't think it will inspire the midnight road trips the home store is famous for, but with a Border's right next door, it's a fine place to be on a Sunday afternoon.

I bought one of these when we got home. It's gorgeous right now, but I'm concerned for its safety - I haven't kept a plant alive for more than a month in over a decade. Please pray for my plant! They call them "Hardy" so I'm banking on that name meaning something!

We also bought new sheets. They have a slight texture to them, which felt just lovely in the nice sateen finish when we caressed the sample in the store. When we went to bed, however, we noticed that the raised parts were a little more pronounced than we anticipated - it was rather like sleeping between two pages of Braille. And when I got up this morning, I couldn't help but notice that every exposed bit of skin was now indented, patterned in that great plaid I so liked in the bedding store. They say the sheets get softer with multiple washings - but do they get flatter???

In writing news, the "C" key on my home laptop broke. This means that the final third of my book will be written without any words containing the letter "C." Think anyone will notice?

And finally, we watched Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip last night - loved it!


Swishy said...

Ranch on mac and cheese ... yuuuuuck. Ha ha.

I saw Studio 60 once, but that's it--I'm woefully behind on my TV watching. WOEFULLY!

Amanda Brice said...

LOL at the skill set.

I was born in Maine but have only been back once since we left when I was only 3.

Trish said...

Mac + cheese = yum

Ranch + salad = yum

Ranch + mac&cheese = um, no.

Textured sheets? I love a little texture on my sheets...they stay put better.

Sounds like a weekend well spent

Alyssa Goodnight said...

LOL on the sleeping between two pages of Braille!

Glad to see you've started up with Studio 60--Aaron Sorkin won't let you down...

kim said...

My mom made my sister eat her chicken noodle soup once after sis had poured her kool-aid in it -- WE ALL remembered that lesson.

About plants: They have telepathy, I can tell by the way they shiver when I think about taking one home.

LEstes65 said...

L.L. Bean (sigh). Sadly, we still get their catalog down here. Even more sadly, we really don't need much of what they sell. But I still like to imagine that buying their clothes will suddenly transform me into the tall lithe chicks they use as models. Honestly, who looks that good in jeans?!