Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm sure they had NO idea

The Red Sox kept the dream alive last night!!!

It says something about the precarious nature of life as a Red Sox fan that even though they were up 7-1 in the middle of the 9th inning as the clock moved past midnight, I didn't dare go to bed lest I wake up in the morning only to learn that the boys had staged yet ANOTHER spectacular meltdown and lost 219-7. Thank God (and yes, I'm one of those people who prays about baseball), this didn't happen.

The funniest revelation of the night (for me anyway) was the singing of the National Anthem. Not usually a giggly moment, but it turns out that the Cardinals brought the ex-girlfriend of the Red Sox pitcher to belt out the Star Spangled Banner. They said they had "no idea" of the former connection between the two. Mmm hmm...right. Sure.

I've gotta hand it to them, though--this is the funniest bit of gamesmanship I've heard about in a long time. I SO hope that the Red Sox are planning something for tomorrow night's return to Fenway Park.

And if you're wondering WHY it's still worth it to be a Red Sox fan even though every season is like seven months of skiing Olympic moguls, check out this video. This is how our superstar team celebrated winning the division, lead by first baseman Kevin Youkilis and closing pitcher Jonathan Papelbon (who might be interested in an off-season appearance on "So You Think You Can Dance")

How can you not love a team that's this weird???


Kristen said...

Oh my, this is CLASSIC. And, I watched the other one with Papelbon doing an Irish jig with this crazed look on his face. Too funny!

I have to admit that I pretty much had to stop watching the Sox after 1986. It was just too painful and heartbreaking. Until 2004! :-)

The Dream said...

i am a forever Red Sox fan, being a former Massachusetts wonder myself.

i am more of a college basketball fan - really. my faves - Maryland and Duke. people say that I can't cheer on both, but I do. it only gets bizarre when they play each other and I don't know which shirt to wear. How weird is THAT?!

ellesappelle said...

haha - I love that you pray about sport.

Carleen Brice said...

Hey Trish,

Brand new Rockies fan here. Looking forward to the Series. :)