Monday, December 10, 2007

All Dressed Up

We went to an amazing Gala last night. (Isn't "gala" a fun word to say? I'm done with birthday parties; from now on, I'm throwing galas.) It was called "Warmth Under The Stars" and was a fundraiser thrown by my friend Pascha and her nonprofit organization, The Possibilities Factory. You'll meet Pascha--and understand why I love her--in the book. She helps kids, inspires creativity, and gathered volunteers to sew over 100 quilts for local women and children who are homeless because of domestic violence. It was an incredible night.

One of the most striking things, beyond all the charity and goodwill, was how GOOD everyone looked. We're a pretty casual bunch here in Cambridge, and our standard uniform for all but the most important occasions typically involves denim, wool, and fleece. So it was fun to see the heights of elegance we're capable of when given the opportunity. And it's nice to know that not only can we New England girls drive in snow, we can walk across an icy parking lot in high heels without landing on our butts.

This is how I console myself when I talk to my friend Lynette in Austin, Texas--sure she's warm, but is she developing any useful skills???

In other news, if you need a feel-good story to sweep you away, grab Holly Kennedy's THE TIN BOX. It is so good that I'm tempted to make cheesy comments about how much money you'll save on heating oil when her story warms your heart. But I'm pretty sure New England girls don't say things like that.


JenKneeBee said...

Ooh! The gala sounds like a lot of fun! C'mon, give us the details... what did you dress look like?

L Sass said...

Oddly enough, I'm in NYC (where we're supposed to be "fancy") and my org's board chairman rocked a fleece vest at our fall gala! Perhaps the Cambridge and Manhattan crowds switched places for the evening?

Beck said...

Throw a gala and invite me. I've never been to one.

Patti said...

here in texas we learn how to make our shorts and tanktops look christmasy even when it's 82 degrees out on christmas day.

Swishy said...

Ooooh, a gala! Post pictures, post pictures!

LEstes65 said...

Ok - first off, I agree that Pascha rules. And that is aside from the ridiculously adorable children she has produced.

Secondly, I wish I could have seen you skittering over the ice in your finery.

Thirdly, skills you say? Them's fight'n' words, Yank! Remember I developed those northeastern coping skills for 40 years before moving here. So now I've also developed the ability to withstand the 100+ degree summers. AND, I can make meatless chili that has converted some of the toughest Texan critics. And my chocolate chess pies are the stuff of legend.

Skills. P-shaw!

Note to self: make Trish buy your dinner when in Boston in January.

*PS - your comments actually made me laugh out loud!!*

La La said...

I'm in LA and before that Texas, so I don't have the drivin'or the walkin' on ice skills, either. But I DO know how to make my shorts and tank top match in the middle of December like Patti said, and I'd say that's somethin'.

Love your blog. Am looking forward to reading your book!

Stacy said...

I heard a rumor that New England girls rock.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

In Texas we learn to stave off perspiration in the winter months while wearing all the wool and fleece the retail stores tempt us with.