Thursday, December 20, 2007

The end of my sports career

The Celtics lost last night. According to Don (who stood up for us at our wedding and took my author photo, so he's a guy we trust with important things) I'm banned from live Boston sports until further notice. Oddly, knowing that my staying home will play a key role in the season makes me feel like an integral part of the team. I'm hoping that if the Celts win the championship, Coach Doc Rivers will remember my contribution. (My ring size is 6 Doc, in case you need to know).

Our favorite Michiganders were amazing, out-nicing us at every turn. (Not that that's really a challenge, but they did it with style). Mark didn't complain as he folded his tall body into the little Prius taxicab we took to the restaurant, and Kathy offered me the seatbelt hook when it seemed like there weren't enough to go around. And in the final moments of the game, when the Celtics surged to a comeback and the ref called a bum foul, Mark and Kathy politely ignored Steve and I when we jumped to our feet screaming, "No way!!! Rip his head off!!!" I love these people.

If I get go to Michigan when my book comes out this spring, Kathy has offered to be my author escort. Accordingly, I plan to spend the entire month of January cold-calling every book group in the state to try and earn an invite to take her up on this. I'm not sure she knows what she's in for, but I hope that the State Council on the Maintenance of All Things Nice will give her a stipend for her efforts. Who knows, maybe we can bring some of it back to New England? Folks like these make the world a better place.

But the next time Mark and Kathy visit, we'll have to get tickets to the local High School production of A Chorus Line or something--any event where my presence doesn't end a record-breaking winning streak!


Don M. said...

Keeping a routine is critical to the success of our Boston teams. Do the same thing every game day. Eat at the same place. Drink out of the same coffee mug in the morning. Wear the same T-shirt (preferably washed).

Going against the grain. Disturbing karma. Breaking routine. Bad when it comes to nutty Bawstin (as I call it) sports fans. Never break routine.

You did. We lost. I lashed out.
I got over it. All is forgiven.

Yea, I know, I'm nuts.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Awww...Trish, I'm sure they (the Celtics) don't blame you. But I'm glad you had your friends to distract from a guilt-ridden evening.

Swishy said...

What a fun game! Eastern Conference finals preview ... :)

LEstes65 said...

Aww NUTS! That stinks. (Can you tell I've been watching old movies from the 40s?)

I doubt it was you. I have a feeling it was the fact that I had a nightly bowl of Cheerios in stead of my usual Shredded Wheat last night. THAT's what did it.

Susie said...

It's OK...every time I go to Red Sox games, they lose. Every Time. I've been to 2 Celtics games this year, and they won both, so I think I'm safe there.

I agree though, you're totally an integral part of the team if your staying home means they win games. The season is riding on your shoulders!!

Barrie said...

An author-escort??? What's Kathy's number? :)

L Sass said...

You Boston sports fans seem to have a carried-over inferiority complex from the Dark Days of New England sports. All this ritual Don describes does not seem to recognize that, um, the Red Sox won the World Series again this year and the Patriots are almost untouchable! (I confess that I don't follow basketball, tho!)

Don M. said...

I recall the dark days of Boston sports. 2007 is the rebirth of 1986, with the exception that all of our teams will win their respective championships (with the exception of the Bruins because Ottawa is tough).

The Sox winning the series this year was fantastic. Combine that with the Pats winning the SB (undefeated) and the C's winning the championship and we'll be kings of the sporting world, with an exclamation.

I not only want us to win everything, but I want to do it in such a fashion that the rest of the sporting world is left with mouths wide open in awe, drooling with jealously.

Ask Trish, when it comes to other things in life, I'm as neutral as you can get. Sports is another beast. Years and years of losing has made this year bitter sweet.

The Dream said...

I agree ... you need to stay away from The Garden, Fenway, and Foxboro!

I almost cried over Duke's loss the other night ... weirdo or what?!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Trish!

The Dream said...

Patriots tonight! Patriots tonight! Going to a wedding, but plan to leave early to watch the BIG GAME!!!!

Don M. said...

Yes, Pats go 16-0 tonight. Prediction: Pats 42, Giants 13. Brady beats the all-time touchdown passing record by three. Moss beats Rice's touchdown record by two.

I'll be blogging about it over here: