Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Big News, Part 1

I was in Barnes & Noble this weekend, and saw the paperback edition of He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not on the shelves!!! They had several copies, right out there for the whole world to buy, almost three weeks before the "official" release date. Elegant creature that I am, I just stood there clutching my latte, staring at the shelf like I'd lost my mind. (THIS is why I'm not on a reality TV show...I'm simply too much of a dork).

Of course I bought a copy, secretly hoping that the girl at the checkout would notice that the name on my credit card and my B&N membership card matched the name on the cover of the book. (Again with the dork theme...) Alas, she didn't (or perhaps she thought I was truly pathetic and was simply kind enough not to mention it?) Anyway, here it is!

The cover totally matches the dress I wore to my senior prom, which means that I have to post a picture as soon as I can dig one up. (If you're having a tough week, now you have something funny to look forward to.)

When I got the book home, I looked it over to see if there were any differences between this edition and the hardcover (aside from the 121 places I'd misspelled my favorite singer's name in the original). Perhaps the biggest change is here in the author bio, and offers a hint at the next part of my big news:

Can you spot the difference?


heidikins said...

Gasp! You're moving?!?



Have you ALREADY MOVED?!?!

please, spill.


Stella said...

Ithaca, New York ... I said it out loud and I think that's one of those "say it, don't spray it" words ... sounds like I'm lith-ping (or maybe its just the caps on my front teeth!). Will there be (or are there already) squirrels for THAT DOG to chase? Smiles, Stella

Swishy said...

I did! I did! :)

Suzanne said...

Ithaca....the only thing I know about that place is that it's really cold in winter! What's taking you there?

kim said...

Yahoo...on both the book in paperback and opportunities in Ithaca front!! We'll miss you but am SO thrilled for you.

LEstes65 said...

I think the printer made a mistake. It should say "Austin, TX".