Friday, April 24, 2009

Lydia Fair 2009

If you're anywhere near Boston this weekend, you'll want to check out this amazing event at the Greater Boston Vineyard. It's a gathering of artists--musicians, poets, dancers, painters, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers (okay, I'm not sure the butcher has confirmed, but you get the picture)--who have created pieces around the theme of "RESCUE."

Before I moved, I was asked to film a few thoughts about how this theme plays into my writing. If you've read my book or my blog, you know that I'm a huge believer in rescue: happily ever after, princes on white horses, the hero arriving to save the day at the eleventh this was fun. Here's the video--my thoughts are at the beginning and the end, with some of the other awesome artists in between. (And if you hit the pause button to freeze-frame us at different times when we're talking, it's quite amusing).

One of the pieces in the show is an actress doing a comedic monologue from my book. When Christopher Greco--the director of the show who did the adaptation--asked me if I'd be okay with that, he said he'd be pulling material from a certain chapter. I looked it up and saw that it was the scene where my ex-husband threw a giant jug of change at me and called me a variety of expletives. I thought, "umm...comedic monologue???" Turns out it's a different scene. Which is probably a good thing :)

If you can get there, check it out.
Happy Weekend!


Stella said...

WOW! This looks to be an awesome event ... very engaging.

Listened to your Sunday talk ... I appreciate and enjoy your ability to relate your message in an easy, conversational way. I think it makes the message more accessible and palpable (it was for me anyway).

Fun to see you in the video!


kim said...

hey trish,
the lydia fair was awesome. missed seeing you there.
hope the unpacking is going well.

Swishy said...

You look so cute in the video!!!

LEstes65 said...

Nice. And I have to tell you how amusing it is to hear you speak while my iTunes is playing 'Truth' by Lecrae in the background. You sound good with rap behind you.