Thursday, April 02, 2009

City Fun

The Woz was voted off last night. Somebody, somewhere needs to get that man his own reality show. In these dire economic times, we need joie de vivre on a segue scooter!

Speaking of sister and THE NEPHEW are coming to visit tomorrow! There will be elevator rides to the top of skyscrapers (they live in Maine, so skyscraper = anything over five stories) and then we'll drive back and forth through the Big Dig a few times saying, "Hey--we're UNDER the city!!!" My sister and I will pretend it's for him, but hey--we grew up in Maine too. You just don't put your roads under buildings and rivers where we're from (which is why the welcome sign when you enter the state says: "Maine: The Way Life Should Be...").

There's an IMAX movie about bugs I'm pretty sure would haunt me for the next sixteen years, so we'll skip that, along with the one about risk that gives you a real-life feeling of skydiving. I can barely ride an escalator without getting queasy, so I don't thing that's for me. Here's my question: WHEN will the do the giant IMAX film on SHOPPING??? Going into all the biggest stores with an aerial view so you can be the first to spot the bargains??? That, I would stand in line for.

If I see an official looking person at the theater tomorrow, I just might mention it.


Stacy said...

Oh, the dangers of IMAX shopping! Swooping over the valleys of clearance clothing that never fit, the rivers of peculiar trends, and the mountains of items you can never afford.

I like it! I'd see it. :)

Anonymous said...

Um, that's Segway, not segue...