Monday, April 27, 2009

Is THIS what Elton John was singing about?

I'm sitting in my office watching a gigantic bird of prey circle over the field across the street. That, along with the HIGH mortality rate of roadside animals here on our the mountainside, is bringing me much closer to the whole Circle of Life thing than ever before. Not sure how I feel about that.

Like many people, when I'm not sure how I feel about something, I analyze it. For example: When I saw the circling bird, my first though was, "Yikes." My second thought was, "'s mid-afternoon, and almost 90 degrees outside. Wouldn't any lunch-like rodent lying in black dirt right now be broiled?" Then, after a few minutes, I thought, "Maybe the birds like that...perhaps it's a seasonal treat they look forward to all winter?" This, my friends, is why I barely passed biology.

In other circle of life news, Steve's laptop blanked out over the weekend...if you're a Mac user, best avoid Safari 4.0 until they work out the kinks.

Happy Monday :)


Stella said...

Mmmmm, broiled rodent. That image will go well with my lunch today LOL.

Hope ur cold is better.

Did hubby back up his computer?


Sarakastic said...

It is snowing here, road kill Popsicles.

LEstes65 said...

Good to know. I still have Safari 3.2.1. But I rarely use it. I use Firefox.

As for birds of prey - I wondered about the heat/cooking factor, too. HA!