Friday, October 23, 2009

A book fest!

Attention Boston-area writers/readers: The Boston Book Fest is this weekend!!! You'll want to go. I want to go. So let's meet there! I have the whole itinerary mapped out and highlighted with the authors I'm excited to see: Richard Russo, Tom Perrotta, Elinor Lipman, the Anitas (Diamant & Shreve), Andre Dubus III, Amy MacKinnon... My plan is to tote my piggy bank downtown, dump it open on the Porter Square Books table, and see how many books those pennies will buy.

And after that, since I'll be way too awed to know which book to read first, the plan is to finally go see Julie & Julia. With movies, I can't even pretend to be on the cutting edge. But eventually, I get there.

Finally...a fashion lesson. Learned today, the hard way: If you new shoes at Marshalls/TJMaxx, check the soles before you leave the house. Otherwise the entire world will know you got your new clogs for $39.99.

Happy weekend!


Stacy said...

I'm so jealous! (Says the girl who has never gone to the Ann Arbor Book Festival, but means to EVERY SINGLE YEAR!)

Sarakastic said...

Now I have to go look on all the soles of my shoes.

larramiefg said...

Did you know that Tom Perrotta, Elinor Lipman and Anita Shreve have all given early, glowing blurbs for debut novelist Holly LeCraw's THE SWIMMING POOL coming April 6, 2010? Indeed it sounds/looks amazing!

Trish Ryan said...

Larramie-just added THE SWIMMING POOL to my wish list...LOVE your recommendations :)