Thursday, October 08, 2009

Character building

I'm making up a character. She's a newlywed, and she's Italian. That's all I know so far.

Want to help me dream her up? Tell me something about her:

What's her favorite food, dream job, hobby, most embarrassing memory?
Where was she born?
Does she have siblings?
What does she want most in life?
What is she afraid of?

I think her name is Juliana, if that helps.

Thanks in advance :)


Anonymous said...

I'd say she was born in Brooklyn. Loves Thai food. Italian is too obvious :)

LEstes65 said...

Her mother's name is Irene. American's pronounce it blandly as "eye-reen". But her family pronounces it beautifully from the old country as "ee-RAIN-uh", rolling the R. And while she loves Thai food (especially Tom Kha Gai), she still wows all her friends by making her mom's home made tiramisu for special occasions. She's the keeper of tradition and heirlooms in her family. Yes, she has siblings but none of them really seem to see the importance of things like heirlooms or learning the tiramisu recipe. That's all I've got. But oh yah, she's a brunette and has dark brown eyes. Like me. Yup.

Swishy said...

Lots of siblings, all brothers, very loud, very protective, the very girlie only girl--the baby, of course :)

Chelsea Vessenes said...

Drawing from a real life friend of mine... who married an American religious studies professor and thus escaped the home country, but now after a few years and a kid finds her New England professor husband a little dull compared with the Latin men she grew up with. They may have seemed too domineering, macho, whatever as a young woman, but now she's missing what she knew as manly.

Pascha said...

Her family lives in and owns a modest pensione in Florence. She grew up as "mama's helper", carefully carrying the saucers of the cappucino cups to the international travelers upon check-in. She learned the pleasantries in every European language before she learned that underpants didn't have to cover her navel.