Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Focus on the three

Three things I'm excited about today:

1. I went running and did not keel over or throw up. This felt like such HUGE progress towards a newer, fitter me that I came home and asked my husband to hide the salt shakers from me once again. He rolled his eyes, sent me upstairs, and (I'm guessing) tucked them behind THAT DOG's toy stash in the corner.

2. We have Red Sox playoff tickets!!! This is extra exciting because we missed most of the season due to the move, and because in our group ticket split, we usually only get one ticket to big games. Fenway Park, I've missed you!!!

3. Most of our clothing is unpacked and it's now possible for me to put together a complete outfit from garments found in one room of the house. (Unless there's a wedding...fancy dresses are still in a bin somewhere...) Of course, as I'm typing this, I realize that in all my unpacking, I never saw my Red Sox t-shirt, which I'll need long before the fancy dresses. ARGH. Progress, not perfection...

And in a bonus bit of excitement (to make up for the quasi-fail of #3): I went for both a walk with THAT DOG and a run today. It rained hard before and after each excursion...but not during. Love Indian Summer :)

What are your big three for the day? Do your shoes match? Did you brush your teeth this morning? Let's celebrate!


Abby Green said...

1. We are driving to Oregon and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to fall in love with the state...I'm actually already in love with it and I've never been there.

2. We will get to the hotel in time to make dinner! (chili made in the electric skillet is on the menu)...very sick of restaurants.

3. Started a new book that is quite funny, in my opinion, that I thought was going to be a factual boring read, though interesting topic. (In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan).

Happy Wednesday!

LEstes65 said...

1. Got my boys brand new sneakers (Pokemon Boy had burst through the sides of his). They both got a pair they like and were relatively cheap.

2. I watched Lil'Bro do the end of his kung fu lesson and his instructor is wikkid cute. He was teaching them stranger danger so I reinforced it on the way home.

3. My sister received a box full of 45 lbs of books, DVDs and CDs I sent her and her family. They are home schooling and I'm thrilled to be able to send her all of our good quality used stuff. She sent me pictures of her girls pouring through the books. It felt awesome.

Erica said...

1) I painted watercolors for two of my friends' birthdays and not only did I have fun doing it, I *love* the way they came out. Bonus, I know my friends will adore them too, since I asked a personal question of each of them to get the themes/subjects for the paintings.
2) I get to go to small group tonight. As dearly as I loved the last one, it had become a bit comfortable and predictable. Now I get to, through April & Joy's very capable leadership, explore spiritual stuff through movement in ways that are fun, challenging, and never ever comfortable or predictable. Thursday nights might be my favorite night of the week now.
3) The fair trade "action" that I participated in yesterday went incredibly well (if you got a coupon for a free fair trade espresso drink from Dunkin Donuts on your commute home yesterday in Boston/Cambridge, that was us! :) and has buoyed up my activist/optimist to the point of creativity. I spent the whole bus ride to work thinking about all the other cool, people-positive ways we could get the word out about fair trade products and by the time I got to my office chair I was full-on grinning. :)

Thanks for making me come up with a list--what a turn-around from where I was last week!!

Trish said...

1. I successfully avoided eating donuts for breakfast.

2. I think I have time to write more later today.

3. I get to bleach my teeth this weekend (free perk from my dentist).

Congrats on getting mostly unpacked and Red Sox playoff tickets!

Trish Lawrence

kim said...

1. woke up w/o feeling tired even after a night of cramps and little sleep in 3 days.

2. awesome day at work and finished with helping a friend.

3. home now and it's so good to relax and post here.

Have a ball at Fenway!!!

Nancy said...

1. Watched a male and female cardinal play in the water that had collected in my covered pool furniture, drinking and splashing as though it was a birdbath.

2. Watched my teenaged son, who is in desperate need both of spending time with older, wiser men and of doing hard, manual labor, work with his grandfather to cut apart the tree that came down in yesterday's wind storm. I think God knocked that tree over as a gift to me and my son,

3. Office wedding tonight!