Friday, December 15, 2006

Books: weather resisitant, always the right size

I just placed ANOTHER order on Amazon for Christmas books. They say we tend to give gifts we'd like to receive, and I guess I'm proving it true. But I've had a crazy number of, "Oh - this book would be perfect for ____!" moments over the past month or so, and it's gotten to the point where I no longer try to resist.

What books are you giving? More importantly, what is on your wish list?

I'm asking Santa for an odd assortment this year, including this, this (my nominee for funniest cover ever) and this.

I used to be this passionate about shoes, but living in a place where it's winter half the year, I find books a sturdier obsession :)


Anonymous said...

Some of the best books I've read were gifts from people. I think because I narrow down my choices so far that I miss out on whole sections of the bookstore.


Stacy said...

Your wish list looks interesting. Let us readers know if they become Trish-endorsed items.

I haven't given anyone a book wish list, but I believe I will get The Glass Castle from my sister. Ruth raved about the book, and she mentioned ordering gifts from Amazon.

As for books I am giving, I'm getting my cousin Debbie Blue Like Jazz (because I give that to everyone I know) and I'm giving the Future Mayor Secret Society Girl (hmm, I hope she doesn't read this). I'm not buying Ruth books because I doubt Gracie will give her enough spare time to read :)

Jenny Rough said...

You can't go wrong with books. Actually, you just gave me an idea for someone I've been struggling to find a gift for.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I personally want soooo many books I'm losing track. What's intersting though is that my family never seems to give me any, despite my obsession.

Sarakastic said...

I just felt weird asking people for "My life in orange" by tim guest, but I did anyways.

Michelle O'Neil said...

My sister-in-law (a lovely person, but a non-reader)when entering our house for the first time, looked at the wall to wall book cases in the study and asked, "Are you going to keep those shelves?"

I almost died!

LEstes65 said...

My wish list is actually just wanting a little TIME in which to READ some of my books!!! Can Santa swing that, you think?

kim said...

I want that book you recommended -- the OCD girl. Can't remember the name at the moment.

Trish Ryan said...

DEVIL IN THE DETAILS is the OCD book I read -hysterical!

Beck said...

I've asked for:
The Penderwicks - Jeanne Birdsall
The Architecture of Happiness - Alain De Botton
The Man Who Was Thursday - GK CHesterton
Letters to a Diminished Church - Dorothy Sayers
Family FUn Fast Family DInners - Deanna F. Cook
The Humanity of God - Karl Barth
And I'm giving a huge stack of books, not one of which I'd like to keep.