Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Green be gone.

I'm sick with some sort of sinus horror. I've had this before, so I know where I'm headed, and it ain't pretty. About six months ago, a disgusting glob of goo lodged in my throat and wouldn't let go for two weeks. I coughed and coughed and could not get rid of it. Then it spread to my eyes, and I had giant patches of green "stuff" (I can't bring myself to use that word) literally stuck to my eyeballs. Unbelievable. Let me tell you - do NOT mess with your sinuses. When they fight back, it's UGLY.

This past Saturday afternoon, my throat felt a little scratchy (okay, that's not true - it felt like I was choking on a cheese grater) and then Sunday morning I could hear the dude from the Mucinex commercial taunting me, "I'm baaaaaack!" (Aside: Is it just me, or is "Mucinex" the grossest product name ever? Why can't they call it "Green Be Gone"or something nice and encouraging like that?) Anyway, I'm downing Green Be Gones and drinking GALLONS of water to fend this stuff off. I see the doctor on Thursday (if it gets to my eyes by that point, I'll post pictures - but please pray that it doesn't!) The one benefit I'm looking forward to: last time, when I drank this much water, even though I was choking, sniffling, sneezing, blowing, gagging and not sleeping for days on end, my skin looked FABULOUS. The glass is half full, folks!

On a happier note, thank you all for your kind concern for the fate of baby Jesus yesterday. It's times like this when I have to remind myself that He got over the whole born-next-to-a-donkey-in-December thing and the story turns out okay (albeit with a decidedly grim turn there towards the end). But the commonality of our childhood experiences mauling the young savior makes me even more convinced of his miraculous abilities (which is a good place to be as I feel that green stuff plotting to slime my eyes...)


Anonymous said...

Poor Trish :(

Get well soon!

sarakastic said...

"Mucinex" doesn't hold a candle to a household cleaner advertised on infommercials called "Urine gone". It's for pet odors, I would'v eloved to be in the meeting where that was the best idea. Feel better!

LEstes65 said...

When you get over this...no...actually even before you get over this. Go get yourself some Xylitol. It's a sugar that makes it very hard for bacteria and such to lodge in your mucus membranes. Sounds nutty, I know. But my dad-in-law and my mom have both had great results in using it as a preventative. You can get nasal spray version or even gum. No matter how it gets in your body, it helps. I use a similar sugar (D-mannose) to prevent UTIs (which I grew up having like most people get the sniffles). This advice is my Christmas present to you. In stead of the tear-drop shaped chicken in big shoes.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I have my own lodged bit of green goo, and it too has hunkered down to stay. Mucinex is gross, as is the little green guy on the commercial, but I'm totally creeped out by that toenail fungus guy...the yellow one that's digging into everything. He just looks evil!

BTW...posted a link for you on my blog. A little bit of that song will cheer you right up!