Saturday, December 16, 2006

Important information

If you're hoping to find minions under your Christmas tree this year (or acquire some in post-holiday sales), Stacy has an important post up over at her blog regarding their care and maintenance.

On a related note, I'm reading Juicing the Orange today, wondering how I can put this principle to work in my own life. I suspect that minions would be invaluable. (If you search Google Images for minions, it's clear that the world needs some happy ones. Thank you, Stacy, for spearheading this effort).


LEstes65 said...

This post proves that I need to just spend time reading my dictionary in stead of depending on society to define things for me. I had no idea the word minion had a positive connotation. I totally think of the devil's little helpers when I hear that word. Well, dip me in axel grease and call me slick!

Stacy said...

lestes65: Dip you in axel grease? That sounds unpleasant. May I suggest skipping the grease dipping?

Trish: You are so right about Google images. Very unhappy looking minions.

Christine said...

Minions are great. I highly recommend having at least two or three around at all times. My childres...err minions are very helpful!

b/sistersshoes said...

Minions??? I didn't even know they were edible? Aren't they evil little creatures?

Hmmmmm just when I put my dictionary away, I am given a new reason to take it out :D

xox darlene