Thursday, December 14, 2006

If the world was your oyster...

I had one of those great "girlfriend hangout" nights with Starbucks Girl last night. We ate pasta, we talked about the meaning of life, love, relationships, God...all the good stuff you're not supposed to discuss in polite company but makes the best sort of conversation. At the end of it, I asked what would make her life better (okay, the truth is I asked, "How can I pray for you?" but if that weirds you out, pretend I said "What would make your life better?")

Her answer? A fun, relaxing vacation.

And that, my dear readers, is where you come in. I am the least imaginative person on the planet when it comes to vacation ideas. I'm all vague about the places I'd like to visit - "Somewhere warm" comes to mind, or "The West Coast, perhaps." But I know some of you out there have fabulous travel experience and/or fun vacation dreams you can share.

So where would you go on vacation? Make your suggestions reasonable, please (because as much as we shell out for our Venti Mocha Lattes, it doesn't go directly into Starbucks Girl's pocket). I don't think she's looking to rent an island or charter a yacht. But if you know of someplace fabulous, fun, and relaxing (preferably warm) drop a line in the comments!

And yes, the hippo in my last post was made from a potato (good eye Alyssa!) You can also get his friends, Sweet Potato Pig and Squash Goose to make an entire veggie farm. (You probably won't, but you could...)


LEstes65 said...

Here are my 3 top suggestions:
1. Cornwall, England. Find a nice b&b in that part of the country, walk along the shore cliffs. Very relaxing.
2. Jamaica. Nothing like Hedonism. You can find some nice out of the way hotels that are walking distance from the beach. I spent a whole week just walking to the beach and hanging there every day.
3. Pick somewhere drivable from your house, find a b&b and book a few days. If you picked your b&b well, it might be walking distance to some good little shops and restaurants. Sometimes just getting away from your routine but not necessarily going around the world can do the trick.

Good luck!

Rhea said...

Here are a few vacation ideas. It's pretty cheap to fly to Florida, so I would say visit the Everglades.
I would also recommend the Berkshires. It's cheap to get there and because it's off-season, you get a room at an inn for not too much dough. Very quiet and relaxing, yet there are things to do like museums. Try Lenox or go up to MassMOCA, the contemporary art museum.

Stacy said...

I thought that hippo looked suspiciously like Mr. Potato Head, but I wasn’t going to comment in case it was your nephew’s holiday craft or something. Now that I know that it comes from Bronner’s, it all makes sense. Frankenmuth is a strange strange place. I have to confess to liking the squash geese, though.

Vacation spots? Is Starbucks Girl looking for domestic travel, or can she afford to go out of the country? If she can leave the US, I would say Costa Rica. Gorgeous rain forests and it’s the safest country in Central America.

Jen-t said...

Vacation? Oh lord, just me, no kids, no husband, a hotel with a pool and my laptop. Yep, don't care where, just anywhere alone.

Jenny Rough said...

Hmm. If you get any good suggestions let me know. Seems like everytime we take a vacation lately it's freezing.

Sarakastic said...

I can't think of a good vacation spot because I spend all my money on fake vegetable animal replica figurines.