Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Love of Dog

Hubbie was away this weekend, off on a retreat of burly men who all pretended it was GREAT FUN to live in cabins in the woods while the temperatures are in the low 40s. "Do they have indoor plumbing?" I asked when he called. "They do," he said, "...but it's in another building." For the fourteen-millionth time in my life, I'm glad I'm not a boy :)

In Steve's absence, THAT DOG stepped up to the responsibility plate. Both nights Steve was gone, Kylie got up off of the couch at precisely 10pm, walked over to the door leading to the bedroom, and glared at me as if to say, "Someone has to be in charge here, and we both know it can't be you." Then she herded me from one room to the other until I went to bed, ensuring I didn't dawdle. This is the most well-rested I've been in months.

Last night I watched the replay of the final episode of the Gilmore Girls. Rory said goodbye to Lane, and I cried. Rory and Loralei had a touching moment, and I cried. Luke and Loralei finally kissed, and I cried. By the end of the show, I wasn't cold anymore. I was puffy, but not cold. I went to bed feeling like I did on my last night at college, knowing that in some way, things would never be the same.

Thank God for whoever invented Kleenex.


Patti said...

I have heard people who were upset with the ending, but I thought is was perfect. No wedding, no one one doing anything outside of what we knew them to be.

perfect...and i cried too.

LEstes65 said...

Good dog. Do you think she could come down here and watch my kids for me this summer?

Stacy said...

I thought GG ended a week ago for some reason. I was wondering why no bloggers had commented on the finale. Well, that explains it.

Kleenex is a good thing. I can't imagine having to do a load of handkerchief laundry in the middle of a really bad cold. Eww!

ellesappelle said...

I love crying over TV!

Beck said...

I want a dog.
I watch Gilmore Girls only occasionally - the sort of show that I was happy to catch when I did but never made a point of watching regularily. And now it's gone and I can never start.

e.b. said...

Oh I am glad I am not alone in the crying.

Angela said...

Ugh, camping. Or cabining. Whatever you want to call it -- it doesn't sound fun to me.

Anonymous said...

I have the opposite in my cats... after the second time I hit snooze EVERY morning, the one gets right on my chest and purrs in my face until I get up.

Pretty handy when I forget to set my alarm.

Not so handy Sunday mornings!

In some ways I think our animals always have our best interests at heart... well, your dog does obviously!