Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Fun in Beantown

This week is a CORNUCOPIA of literary fun here in New England!

Tonight, Tayari Jones, author of Silver Sparrow and The Untelling, is reading at Harvard Bookstore. My friend Lady D (the fabulous unofficial social coordinator for Boston-area writers) has organized a bunch of writerly-types to gather apres to fete Tayari with drinks and (one imagines) scintillating conversation. I plan to share how I had to Google the proper spelling for both "cornucopia" and "scintillating" to finish my blog post this morning, which I'm sure will make everyone in the room feel comparatively brilliant!

Tomorrow will be my first time at the New England Independent Booksellers Association Fall Conference. I'll be looking for: 1) a miraculous way through rush hour traffic between Cambridge & Providence; 2) great new books to review here on the blog, and 3) a better understanding of the retail side of publishing and how things are going up here in our neck of the woods. And honestly, the chance to bask in a convention center FULL of fellow book lovers? Bliss!

And THEN (as if these two weren't enough!?!) Saturday is the Boston Book Fest, which is seriously one of the reasons Boston is the best city in America.

The Red Sox are long gone, snow is on the way, and it's raining all over our foliage. But this is still THE PLACE TO BE for literary dorks like me.

And now, fine readers, THREE QUESTIONS for YOU!
Where are you right now? Why is it an awesome place to be?
And... what are your tips (other than sharing spelling mishaps) for unusual and interesting cocktail party conversation?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're livin' the writer's dream - enjoy all of your book adventures. Boston is a great city!! I am far from Boston. I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan (also a great city). Here in GR we just wrapped up ArtPrize, there's a Ben Franklin exhibit at the Ford Museum and even though we're a big (for MI) city, we can still enjoy going to Friday night HS football games. Do potlucks with wine count as cocktail parties? If so, we usually talk movies or travel and that can lead the conversation anywhere (like why it's good to know French so you don't end up eating horse in France).

Trish Ryan said...

That is a PERFECT example of fun cocktail party conversation! Makes me want to go to Michigan to watch HS football :)

(all I remember from HS French is that the word for horse is like the word for hair...both of which should be avoided if encountered on a menu...)