Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday: Share the Lie!

Brilliant author Laura Zigman shared this video via FB, and I ordered the book immediately. I am FASCINATED by this...especially since watching it reminded me of a moment from this past weekend, when I noticed that I was shaking my head "no" to something while giving a positive response. I was telling the truth (I think!?!) The question was whether I'd been to a restaurant before, and I had, so I said yes...and yet, according to this video, such a discrepancy between what you say & your body language is one of the top indicators of lying.


If this author is right--and I suspect that she is--we're hardwired to lie. How do we handle this? And what do we do when we suspect someone else is lying?
(I'm filing this post under "deep thoughts for a Friday"!)

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