Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yesterday in the comments, the lovely Sarakastic claimed that she can't juggle batons. To which I respond: It's not that you can''s just that life hasn't given you enough opportunities to try!

I looked online for a good baton juggling tutorial (I was planning all sorts of helpful tips, like how the ends of the baton should never come flying toward your face). But instead I found this video, which is worth at least 1,000 words.

This is a girl who competed at the World Championship level. She's amazing! And yet right in the beginning of the routine, she drops 2 of her 3 batons. Now, if you've never dropped a baton, here's the thing: they don't just lie there, waiting for you. They ROLL. And if you drop 2, they roll in opposite directions, and you have to CHASE THEM. (It's like life, that way). So this girl chases her batons all across the floor...really, there's no graceful way to do that (trust me). But then--rather than racing off to the locker room in shame, she smiles and gets back to work, winging those batons in the air like it's no big deal. Now, confession: I've always thought that the move where you rolling the baton around on your shoulders with your head look a bit like you're having a seizure... but when everything is in the air where it belongs? Masterful! Check it out:


Sarakastic said...

You're right; it's totally possible that I can twirl a baton. I've just never tried.

heidikins said...

And now I want to juggle. I can do awesome things with tossing and spinning a (wood! it's made of wood!) rifle, but the juggling batons thing is fascinating!


Trish Ryan said...

See! We could start a THING. It's never too late :)

Anonymous said...

That is impressive! I'll have to stop referring to my life as a juggling act now that I have seen what a beautifully coordinated presentation a juggling act really is.