Friday, October 07, 2011

Friday: Share the Love!

I'm starting a new tradition, designating Friday as "Share the Love" day. I'll post links to blogs, books, reviews, articles, interviews & other assorted things that will brighten our weekends. Sometimes, like today, there will even be PRESENTS! I like the idea of capping off the week with a little celebration of how much good and fun (not to mention inspiration & encouragement) is out there in the world :)

So today! Some links to people I love...some in person, some from afar:

--If you're feeling like your life has taken an unexpected twist or 2 as you soldier on toward happily ever after, check out my friend Elizabeth's blog on trusting God, "Never Deprived." (Then read the About page on her blog, which has one of the most helpful prayer tips I've seen in a LONG time..and it's SIMPLE, so even I can remember it!)

--If you want a good giggle that will make you think, " I do that?" check out Gretchen Rubin's post, "7 Tips to know if you're boring someone."

--My friend Liz says a heartfelt goodbye to her sweetheart of a dog here, and Kristin Armstrong shares the pain of making tough end-of-life choices for her pup here. Both posts made me tear up, hug THAT DOG until she squirmed away, and think about how good it feels to be part of this unique cycle of love and devotion that comes with a canine creature.

--And finally...a present! The nice folks at Cook Publishing sent me a copy of Brennan Manning's new memoir, All is Grace. I have notes all over my advance reading copy (if the title sounds familiar, I blogged about it here), and I'd love to pay this crisp new hardcover forward.

Hmmm....what would be a good question??? I know...If you'd like to win this copy, leave a comment below (or on FB) and tell us...Do you like holding hands? A tad random, but I wonder about this...because sometimes holding hands is all zappy and sparks fly and it's a sign of all good sorts of connection. And other times it's awkward and messes up how you walk.

What say you? Weigh in with your thoughts & I'll announce a winner next week :)


Lora said...

So I don't normally comment on blogs, but I want that book! Great ploy, Trish. :)
Holding hands with my man has become less frequent while walking these days because our hands are usually full with strollers, car seats, various kid paraphernalia, or tiny hands & bodies (which by the way, is another precious, all-too-quickly passing dimension of hand-holding).
I agree it's a tricky dance of hands, a silent struggle to figure out who's hand will be in front, what fingers will interlock, how tightly or loosely the clasp will be, what manuevering will take place in crowds or when obstacles threaten to divide.... Even after nine years it can still take us a couple rearrangements to get it just right! But it's worth the struggle, right? I love having socially acceptable PDA, that doesn't induce throw up noises from kids or scowls from old people. Getting to express on the outside how my heart longs to be in-step and intimate with one man in any casual moment is a pretty glowing example of how beautifully God designed us from the inside out. Now, this whole description would sound pretty wack to men in Calcutta, where I saw how common it is for two gentlemen to walk hand in hand...I bet they don't much experience the annoying "dance of hands"!

Toiah said...

I think holding hands is an amazing way to connect. It denotes intimacy without too much thought ... I actually love it when I am dating a man I really like and he just takes it upon himself to simply grab my hand... It feels like security and warmth.

I notice that women who are holding hands with their signficant others tend to look more peaceful and serene as well...

All in all I think hand holding is a symbol of what women crave most, security.

Richelle said...

Holding hands with my husband does give me that sense of security, like Toiah mentioned. It's a way for us to connect to each other through the sense of touch and be close to one another. My hand fits perfectly in my husband, and I'm thankful that God placed us together. Holding hands is a beautiful way to show the world the power of love.

Elizabeth@LongToLove said...

Thanks for the sweet shout out Trish! Excited about the new "Share The Love" series!

As for your question, I'm a big hand holder--my sisters, my friends, and of course, my husband. I like the security and connectedness it brings.

Sarah said...

Hello Trish!
Love that your blogging regularly now - I've read both of your books, and am a big fan! :) (And the Brennan Manning memoir sound intriguing and amazing)...I have to say that I think hand holding is wonderful/stupendous/delicious/amazing/necessary/needed for me! I'm a newlywed who held out and waited for marriage for a LONG time, so I am very grateful for every moment, and cherish the moments of hand holding as a way that draws us closer....(can you tell what my love language is? :) I know I don't have alot of witty words here to describe what hand holding is or isn't, but I suffice it to say it is lifegiving, necessary to me, and warms my heart everytime... Thanks again for your words, and I hope to be considered for the book!