Monday, October 31, 2011

Win Pug Hill!

I love this book. Pug Hill is the story that introduced me to Alison Pace's writing. I thought I'd like her in person when I read this book (and was increasingly certain we had BFF potential once I read her other books). But then when I ACTUALLY met her in person--at a NYC roundtable for authors on Twitter--I learned that she's even more fantabulous than her characters...and that's saying something. We bonded over her description of a "peculiar Clumber Spaniel" in one of her stories, and now she sends me pictures of Clumbers whenever she sees them plodding around Manhattan, because alas, I've never seen one here.

So today on Trish's Dishes we're celebrating the release of the mass-market paperback edition (translation: fits into pockets and small purses!) of Pug Hill. And YOU CAN WIN A COPY! Signed by Alison! She will even personalize it to say...well, whatever you come up with that you'd like to have her write about. She has lovely handwriting, so if you'd like her to spell out her philosophy on puppy training, or why she uses a certain type of leash for her dog Carlie, or even how she keeps her hair so shiny...ask away!

To win:
Leave a comment below & tell us: If you could have any type/breed of dog in the world, what would it be?

You will LOVE this story :)


Elizabeth@LongToLove said...

I love giveaways & your glowing recommendations! I also love Cavalier King Charles dogs, but I think we're pretty sold on Irish Water Spaniels for life.

Anonymous said...

My current and previous dogs were mutts and I have to say that I love mutts, I love every kind of mutt... But if I had to choose an actual breed it would be a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My last dog was part Rhodesian, making him a majestic and beautiful creature. Even at fourteen, he still looked pretty good.