Monday, September 11, 2006

Bargain quest

Saturday morning I leapt out of bed when the alarm went off, threw on my clothes and dashed out to the car. Like Christmas in September, it was CBD warehouse sale day!

We live a half-hour away from a book distribution center. Three times a year, they open their giant doors and sell off slightly damaged books for $3-4 each. For me, it's a little peak at what heaven will be like: all the books my arms can carry, at prices that still allow me to grab a cup of coffee on the way home :)

Now if you'd told me five years ago that one day I'd fling myself out of bed at 5:30 on a Saturday morning to elbow my way through a sea of Christians to get to the bargain bibles...well, I'd have had a few choice words for your utter lack of future-predicting skills. But life is funny....and an $84 leather-bound study bible for the low, low price of just $19??? Come on! Who can resist that? (I come by this genetically - two members of my immediate family have actual discount cards from Goodwill, entitling them to 10% off all future purchases to thank them for their years of bargain shopping...)

On our way out of the warehouse, we found four backyard-pool size boxes filled with FREE books. Honestly, it was like wedding dress day at Filene's Basement, as swarms of frantic readers grabbed armloads of books we weren't sure we'd ever read (I even picked up one called, "The Perfect Mississippi Lawn", thinking it was a metaphor for one of Jesus' agrarian-tinged parables. Nope. But it was FREE!) I kept looking around for the cameras, thinking, "They're filming a movie about gluttony right now, I just know it..."

If you live in Mississippi and need some help with your lawn, drop me a line...

In other Jesus-ey news, I think it's safe to say that our church was the only one in the country yesterday who began it's service with a rousing rendition of Tom Cochran's song, Life is a Highway. The sermon was about fighting, and how some of us are pushy rhinos in conflict and others of us are fight-averse hedgehogs. To which I say, "Hedgehogs of the world, unite!" :)
(There's a chance I missed the take-home point...)

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