Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Time to find some blessings and count them, FAST...

I will never complain about my buttergirl job again.
Or all the crap I went through to find a husband.

I will, however, complain that my cell phone battery just died again. It was fully charged yesterday, and I've made exactly no calls since then. Apparently, my phone is just tired and has given up.

I'll be shopping for a new phone this afternoon, so if you're a T-Mobile person and LOVE your phone, tell me all about it - I'm open to suggestions!


Bella Tyler said...

I Love the title of your book. Nearly had Pepsi all over the screen when I read it. Too funny :)

I don't have any cell phone advice. I have a cheap cheap cheap phone, but it does have music ringtones and that is all that really matters to me, lol


Stacy said...

I'm very amused by the Muslim speed dating (or speed courting, whatever you want to call it). I think enough desperation exists in Christian circles for that to be popular in churches too.

I went to a Baptist college, and there was a professor there who taught a required freshman class and who had a side job of selling diamonds (very lucrative for a Christian college professor). On the first day of class, he would pick out a male student at random and give him $50 to take out a female student in the class in the hopes that an engagement ring might come of it a couple years later.

I do not miss that place or its bizarre focus on matrimony! :)

Trish Ryan said...

Stacy - omigosh, that is the most bizarre marketing strategy I've ever heard of! "Here's $50 - if it works out, buy your diamond from me!"

Buffy said...

Bizarre focus on matrimony.

Well said Stacy.

Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by Writer...Interrupted! It was good to hear about your book deal!


Swishy said...

My phone has been doing the same thing. It SUCKS!

I wish someone would pay ME 50 bucks to go on a date!

Meg said...

You know why your phone wore out. We're on to you. :)


Trish Ryan said...

Yep - Meg caught on to my strategy...I wore out my phone battery fielding all those 1800 make-me-popular calls.

And I feel very, very special :)

mama kay said...

I am so glad I read the previous post regarding the Butter Girl job, as I was really curious as to what that could mean .. you saved me from asking a really embarassing questions. Whew!
I agree w/Stacy - I could see the speed courting thing catching on. I know a few single friends that would welcome that far more than EHarmony.com!
Oh and, like Swish, my phone sucks too .. it is a Verizon, so I guess there is NO winning!

Jada's Gigi said...

Oh my! i read both of those articles you linked and whoa! am I counting my blessings! surfed over from Nancy's blog a while back and just now figured how to get back..lol Enjoy your trip.