Friday, September 29, 2006

Entertaining me this morning:

Remember Luke and Laura from General Hospital ? Well I for one am happy to learn that Laura finally dumped Luke, and is now living in in the middle of Maine with Star Trek's Commander Riker. Apparently they run a store that sells nice throw pillows.

In entirely unrelated news, I've been following Rosie O'Donnell's smashing/crashing debut on The View. In her first month , she equated Christians with Al-Qaida, insinuated that Oprah and Gayle are really lesbians who have lost their spark, and confessed that her secret cure for diaper rash involves dog saliva. Probably not the start Barbara Walters was hoping for. Perhaps the time has come for ABC to move Rosie over to a new show? I, for one, would like to see her square off directly against Ann "stop whining and get yourself a miniskirt" Coulter. They can call it, The View: Extreme Edition.

And finally, is it just me, or is Ugly Betty just The Devil Wears Prada with a Mexican Poncho thrown in?

Okay, them's my thoughts for now. I'm getting to work. Really. Right Now. Here I go...


Meg said...

You should know better than to equate Maine with hicks. Most of the people who can afford to live in the Belfast/Camden/Rockland mid-coast region of Maine make more than you or I will ever see. I don't think they know what a dollar store is.

I do, however, like Genie Francis, and I appreciate it when celebrities relocate to Maine when they realize that celeb status doesn't mean much actually means so little they need to advertise their presence in the newspapers to call our attention to it. :)

Swishy said...

I'm off on Mondays, and that's what gets me out of bed--the promise of the train wreck that is The View!

LEstes65 said...

Luke & Laura - what a wonderful model for selecting a mate. Do you recall how they started out? Do you recall that Luke was a loner-freak who raped her? Yes. Rape turned to love. How lovely. Sorry. That one always got to me. Oh don't get me wrong - I skipped class to watch their wedding. I do love that she's with "Number One" now.

You're the best, Trish!