Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh yes it's ladies night...and the feeling's right

I am irrationally excited about seeing Andrea "so you think you can dance" Seigel at her Boston reading tonight. I'm calling it a business trip - market research, to be precise. I've recruited my friends Coffee Girl (my Starbucks connection) and Pilates Girl (the only person who has seen me attempt pilates and kept a straight face) to go with me. They're part of the target demographic for my book, and I want their opinion on whether I should follow in Seigal's high-healed footsteps and choreograph a number for my own publicity tour. My book comes out in 2008, so I have a little time to pull some moves together...

I can hear the music now - a little Kool & The Gang, grooving over the sound system at bookstores across the country...

This is your night, to-night
Everything's gonna be, al-right
This is your night, to-night
Everything's gonna be, al-right
(Come on let's all celebrate...)

I imagine it will be a huge hit at church appearances. :)

Although I'm thinking, why not do something a little different? After all, I was once named the FIFTH best baton twirler in the entire state of Maine! Sure, it was only the 9-11 age division (there were eight of us, as I recall - and one girl who dropped out after nerves got the best of her and she hid her baton under the bleachers), but still - I'm willing to bet that I can twirl at least as well as Seigel can dance. We'll see tonight!


Amanda Brice said...

Too fun!

andreaa said...

i wish i'd incorporated baton. or at least a streamer stick.

Swishy said...

The fifth-best baton twirler?!?! Now THAT is impressive!

Karitown said...

Have fun. Sounds like a blast. Actually, in my world, anytime out without the kids is a blast.