Saturday, September 16, 2006

Men In Trees

My Grey's Anatomy-induced befuddlement was more than sorted out by the SPECTACULAR new show we discovered last night: Men In Trees.

Hysterical. A bestselling author/"relationship coach" finds out her fiance is having an affair when she accidently grabs his laptop on her way to a speaking engagement in Alaska. She finds herself surrounded by men (gotta love that 19-1 ratio), and evidence that all her pithy dating and mating advice may have been just bunk. (I suspect that Mr. SHAMblog Steve Salerno will LOVE it).

It's kind of like Northern Exposure meets Everwood...what's not to love?


Swishy said...

And it's from one of the main forces (Jenny Bicks) behind Sex and the City, too! (Haven't seen it, but I've heard good things.)

Karitown said...

I love that show. Friday nights at 9. Like I need another reason not to write;))) But I'll still be watching next week.

Anonymous said...

God made such a great work in your life... don't blow it. Stop watching despicable television.

Just a suggestion.