Thursday, September 21, 2006

"The part of Trish Ryan will temporarily be played by TV Guide Girl..."

Greetings all! TV Guide Girl here, a day or so tardy but nonetheless ready and excited to entertain you with the guest blogging gig our dearest Trish hot-potatoed into my lap before splitting town. (How did that 5am airport arrival time treat you, hon? Pretty good? Excellent!)

I'm delighted to be here, and I've even decided not to mind (much) the moniker Trish slapped on me for the job. "TV Guide Girl" indeed. Sure, I do have several hundred old issues boxed down in my basement...who doesn't have a few old magazines lying around? You can't just throw those things out, you know. What if I needed them again? YOU try to compose a ransom note without a handy supply of magazine clippings and then tell me who's crazy.


As the theme for Trish's upcoming book is the tale of finding the right God, and the right guy, I've decided to incorporate "the wrong guy" stories into this week's contest challenge! (I bet you didn't think we'd be having one this week, did you Trish? Heh heh...make fun of my TV Guides again, will you?) So here it is: we've all had those wrong turns on the dating superhighway...share one or more of *your* funny bad date tales with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Bloggers, and next week Trish will send the author of the funniest story a fabulous prize! :)


Meg said...

I went on a first date once with a guy who, when we bumped into friends of his at the restaurant, completely forgot my name when he went to introduce me. He just stopped in mid-introduction with a deer-in-the-headlights stare, grasping for my name (which actually rhymed with his, Greg), and he couldn't come up with a thing. In his defense, he was a complete stoner...but what was most mortifying about the whole thing was that he'd really been trying to impress me up until that point! Needless to say he did not go on to become Mr. Meg, but the whole thing was too funny for me to get really mad at him. We stayed pretty good friends for a while.

Trish Ryan said...

If its TV Guide Girl's contest, does that mean I, too, can share one of my many disasterous date stories and qualify for a fabulous prize???